SEPTA TransPass Gender Markers

SEPTA requires passengers to affix a gender marker to all monthly and weekly TransPasses, allegedly to prevent sharing of TransPasses.   As trans activists have observed for years, this policy predictably leads to harassment of transgender passengers and of other gender non-conforming passengers, in violation of Philadelphia’s Human Relations Ordinance.

Equality Advocates is representing a transgender woman who has filed a charge against SEPTA, challenging the gender marker policy.  The case is currently pending before the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations.

In order to ensure that the complaint is not treated as an isolated incident (i.e., a problem with the driver, not the policy), we want to submit stories from other individuals who have had similar experiences.

If you have been denied the use of a TransPass (or have been harassed when using a TransPass) because of the gender marker policy, we want to hear from you! 

If you contact us, a law student advocate will take down your information and draft an affidavit based on the information.  We will then ask for you to come in to our office to sign and notarize the affidavit.  Please note that this does not create an attorney/client relationship, and will not result in a formal complaint being filed on your behalf. If you want to file a complaint of your own, please ask us about this, and we can discuss how you can do so.

Please contact me (Katie Eyer) at (215) 731-1447, Ext. 12, if you are willing to share your story!  If you receive voicemail, please list your name, telephone contact information, a good time to call, and indicate that you are calling about the SEPTA lawsuit.


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