Several months ago we launched a new project— SNAP— the Student Network Across Pennsylvania! The three primary goals of SNAP is to: encourage student activism around local and statewide measures, including pending state-wide non-discrimination legislation; provide resources to LGBTQA students and student groups; and create networking opportunities to share ideas and encourage interaction among activists throughout Pennsylvania.

So far we have held SNAP Advocacy Workshops at Millersville University, Lehigh University, Keystone College, and Penn State. Each workshop focuses specifically on actions students can take, right now, to help pass legislation to improve the LGBT community in Pennsylvania. Organizing and presenting these workshops has been an amazing experience. The students at each university are so dynamic and unique– each workshop was so incredibly different from the others. For example— Keystone students decided to work with local businesses to identify those that are LGBT-friendly, Millersville peeps decided to do a tabling event with the Christian organization on campus, and the Penn Stater’s want to plan a social event.

Millersville SNAP

(MU Allies Prez. Molly at the MU SNAP Workshop)

Everyone I have met, and spent time with, and gotten to know through these workshops have been truly exceptional people, and rising leaders in the LGBT community. For anyone who has ANY doubts about the future of our community— I know we are going to be JUST fine.

(SNAP Workshop at Keystone)


One Response to Oh, SNAP!

  1. Molly says:

    YAAAAAAAAY!! We loved our workshop…and we want to bring you back!!

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