Musings of an Intern: Food, Fun and Advocacy

This weeks theme is advocacy:

On Tuesday October 20, Jake and I packed ourselves back into the minivan and headed to the burbs of Philadelphia. Our destination? Lansdowne in Delaware County. The Lansdowne Human Relations Commission had asked us to come facilitate an advocacy workshop for residents in the area.

The workshop went smoothly; first discussing the two bills, house bill 1400 and senate bill 761 and what they would actually do. Then we went over the talking points for the bills, most of which explain why the bills are important, such as: keeping Pennsylvania competitive among its surrounding states who already have sexual orientation and gender identity and expression in their state-wide non-discrimination policies. After the talking points the participants were split into two groups and told to come up with ideas for advocacy that either individuals or the group could do.

All in all the night was a great success and through the work of those who volunteered to keep the advocacy ideas rolling the group as a whole will do wonderful work. We had 26 participants and 2 protesters. I want to say a special thanks to Joan Reivich, Chair of the Lansdowne Human Relations Commission for organizing the event, Lansdowne’s Major Jayne Young and Council-members Ann Hill and Steve Wagner who came. As well as, Carlene Neal and Millie Vega from the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission for attending. 

I hope to see further advocacy efforts from the Lansdowne area. Again Thank you to everyone who attended.

‘Til next time,



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