Pennsylvania Representatives Vote YES on ENDA!

The United States House of Representatives passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act by a vote of 235-184 on Wednesday, Nov. 7. While we are disappointed that ENDA did not include protections for transgender people, it is still quite great that such a great number of Representatives voted in favor of fairness and against discrimination in the workplace.

Fifteen of Pennsylvania’s nineteen House members voted in favor of this important bill– including FOUR Republicans: Dent, Gerlach, English, and Platt. With such strong Republican support, we are looking forward to working with State Republication Senators and Representatives to pass HB 1400 and SB 761- statewide non-discrimination legislation.


One Response to Pennsylvania Representatives Vote YES on ENDA!

  1. Dusty says:

    I actually went to the Library of Congress website and read the minutes of the Bill. I have to agree that Baldwin did not have a tight enough bill to pass. She used the line “extends protections on the basis of “perceived” sexual orientation.

    That would give the lawyers a field day for litigation. From what I saw the Baldwin admendment was ruled that it could not be changed. So the transgendered community loses again.

    Please tell me that I am wrong in my findings of the above. On a bright note it really looked like the representatives do care about protecting the TG people of America, they just need the right words to put it to law.

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