6,000 Letters from ALL-ACROSS PA!


Over the summer and fall, we’ve been criss-crossing the entire state and collecting letters in support of non-discrimination legislation to send to state legislators.  We’ve collected these at Pride events, college campuses, parties, and right on the street— and this week we were finally ready to send them to the statehouse!

Over 6,000 (!!!) letters were sent to 94% of the 203 state representatives and all 50 state senators. Think about that for a minute– almost every single house member, even those from crazy-small districts in the middle of nowhere, just received physical letters from their own constituents asking them to support non-discrimination legislation for the LGBT community.

Amazing.  Thank you to everyone who has helped collect these letters—and keep them coming!


One Response to 6,000 Letters from ALL-ACROSS PA!

  1. Alex(andria) Piland says:

    You know I totally and completely support this decision that the City of Philadelphia has made not to continue to allow the Boy Scouts of America to continue to lease public property. It is almost 2008. It is about time we acknowledge that homosexual does not equal pedophile. I think the damage that the BSA have done by attempting to be “morally straight” has far outweighed the good that they have done, and I’m sure that as a person who reads the paper and is informed about current events, you can see that those who are supposedly “morally straight” aren’t always moral or straight. Just look at Larry Craig, Mike Swallow in Florida, Jim West in Spokane, and my personal favorite, Ted Haggard in Colorado. As politicians and men of god they contributed positively to their communities for many years. Were their contributions any less important than those of the BSA? Let’s not forget people just affiliated with public figures like Mary Cheney and Maya Marcel-Keyes.

    I was told by a BSA leader that he had hoped my son would be gay, and I responded by telling him that it would be fine with me if my son was gay. My hope for my son is that he is happy and healthy. Anything else in this life would be a bonus. The only problem I had with him wishing my son was gay, is that I know that he finds it disgusting, intolerable and would never accept someone who’s sexual orientation (which, by the way, is no one’s business but his and his partner’s, whatever the gender) is reprehensible and almost criminal. That would be like me wishing that his son, his beautiful, smart, child would be an axe murderer. (I find that disgusting, intolerable and reprehensible.)

    I have been told by a scout leader that the BSA is a recruiting ground for the military. I love my country. I truly do. I know that there is no better place on the planet than the good, ole’ US of A. However, I think our military is, and has for a long time, been out of control. I am sick and tired in the fact that American tax dollars and future generation’s tax dollars are going to support a war in which I do not believe and that I, like all other Americans, have been misled into initially thinking was a necessary evil. My students are STILL being pulled over there and told that they are “defending” our nation, while there has never been a logical link made and supported by factual evidence that Al Queda and Iraq are linked. Why would an organization that is supposed to be family and child-centered support sending these beautiful boys, our nation’s most precious resource, to war?

    The BSA should be disbanded. It is an organization that supports intolerance, ignorance and war. It is, akin to the Ku Klux Klan. Oh yes it is. This is an organization that has targeted a specific group of fellow human beings and decided that they are less than or sub-human, just like the KKK. This action the the city of Philadelphia has taken is long overdue, and I fully suport it.

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