Making a REAL Difference

Throughout the summer and fall as I criss-crossed Pennsylvania getting folks to sign letters to their legislators in support of the non-discrimination bill, I’d often get a sad response: “Sure, I’ll sign this, but it won’t do a bit of difference.”

I want to share a recent example of how these efforts REALLY are paying off. Two weeks ago we sent over 6,000 letters to almost every state representative from constituents asking them to co-sponsor non-discrimination legislation. People in almost EVERY SINGLE DISTRICT showed their support for equality, and asked their elected officials to stand with them on this important bill.

Several letters were sent to freshman Republican Representative Susan Helm, who represents a district in the Harrisburg area. After receiving these letters, and speaking with people in the community, she’s signed on-board as a co-sponsor.

Our efforts are making an impact. If you live in Rep. Helm’s district, please take a moment to call and thank her for co-sponsoring House Bill 1400! Her district office number is 717-651-0100.

As we gear up for our Statewide Week of Action in January, I hope this one example helps inspire you all to take that next step and speak to your own legislator. As you can see, it truly makes a difference!


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