“Marriage Protection Amendment” in Judiciary Committee!

I apologize for the small number of posts this past month, I have been out of the office recovering from a pretty nasty health issue—but as we’ve all seen, even when we have to take a break, the world keeps turning.

And unfortunately a lot has happened the past several weeks.  As most of you have seen, Senate Bill 1250, the “Marriage Protection Amendment,” has been introduced and referred to the Judiciary Committee.  This bill is yet another attempt to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to define marriage as solely between one man and one woman, and prohibit civil unions, among other forms of relationship recognition.  The bill currently has 18 co-sponsors.

Now that the bill is sitting in the Judiciary Committee, we need everyone to really step up and take action to stop this legislation!  The legislature is out of session and in budget hearings until March 10, which means a lot of your State Senators will be in their district offices— a perfect opportunity for you to stop-in for a visit and let them know how you feel about this bill.

The absolute most effective way to make your voice heard is to meet, face-to-face, with your legislators about this issue.  You know those in support of this bill are sitting down with their Senators, and if they do not hear from us, they’ll have no reason to oppose this bill!

For information on setting up a meeting with your law-makers, click here.

For talking points on Senate Bill 1250, click here.

To send an e-mail to your Senator asking them to oppose this bill, click here.

It only takes 30 seconds to send an e-mail, and you really can have an impact.  That said, it only takes 5 minutes to make a phone call, and only slightly more time to make a visit. If you have ANY questions about going to meet with your Senator about this, just e-mail Jake.

With your actions, with thousands of other fair-minded Pennsylvanians, we will once again successfully defeat this amendment!


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