York College Students Meet With Representative

NOTE FROM JAKE: This is a guest post from Cody Barnett, one of our most-fabulous activists at York College of Pennsylvania. He and several other students have worked on-campus over the past several weeks, raising awareness about statewide LGBT issues, and recently met with their own State Representative.


I and four other York College students had the pleasure of sitting down with State Representative Eugene De Pasquale (D) Tuesday March 4, to discuss his involvement with HB 1400 and SB 1250, and to present to him over 200 signed form letters that we collected during a three day tabling event held at York College of Pennsylvania. Between the five of us, we represented two distinct groups on campus, YCP Lambda (the Gay Straight Alliance) and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. This is the second time we have collaborated on a project to foster interaction between our two groups, and our relationship is one of the strongest on campus. De Pasquale was genuinely interested and spoke to us with respect and interest, as we conveyed to him our biggest concerns coming into the 2008 Presidential Election, and our growing concern for laws originating in the Pennsylvania Legislature aimed at reducing the legal rights for the LGBT community.


The best part about meeting with Representative De Pasquale was the feeling of genuine conviction for what he was doing that gushed from him as he shared personal stories about how his life has been positively impacted by LGBT people. De Pasquale also confided with us his belief that LGBT rights are a generational issue, one that in time within our lives will fade from the hot button issue it is today, to a completely accepted facet of life. I can honestly say that I’m proud to be served by a man of such high convictions and beliefs in Harrisburg as Representative Eugene De Pasquale



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