Papers across Pennsylvania SLAM SB 1250!

Erie Times-News
March 28, 2008 Editorial “State Marriage Amendment Unnecessary”

“As Pennsylvanians have certainly noticed, the state Legislature didn’t get around to passing a smoking ban, property-tax reform, health-care reform, equitable funding for education issues, and so forth. But the Senate Judiciary Committee members did find time to debate and vote on Senate Bill 1250, the marriage amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution…We have to wonder why 10 senators would try to push a constitutional amendment that seems unnecessary and undoable. It looks like an effort to curry favor with the agendas of some religious groups and others. Meanwhile, major issues such as health care and education remain on the sidelines.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
March 22, 2008 Editorial “Marriage Mischief: Another Attempt to put Bigotry in the Constitution”

“When it comes to the continuing attempt to make the Pennsylvania Constitution explicitly say that marriage is between one man and one woman, it is hard to say what is worse — the obsession or the waste of time. Can we now assume that the Legislature has adequately addressed the issues important to most Pennsylvanians? For example, has it taken all the steps needed to reform itself? Has it enacted comprehensive property tax reform? How about equitable funding for education? The answer, of course, is ‘no.'”

Beaver County Times
March 23, 2008 Editorial “A Gay Time”

“The state Senate Judiciary Committee last week voted 10-4 to send to the full Senate a proposal that would amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to ban gay marriages and civil unions. We know, we know. Despite soaring gasoline prices, skyrocketing home heating oil costs, escalating grocery bills, a tanking economy, Wall Street gyrations, home foreclosures, the fifth year of the Iraq occupation and a fascinating presidential Democratic primary, gay marriages and civil unions are what everybody has been talking about. Never mind that state lawmakers refuse to tackle mundane issues like adequately funding the state’s crumbling roads and bridges, helping municipalities upgrade their aging water and sewer lines, fixing the state’s inequitable school funding formula or doing something about the commonwealth’s excess of small municipalities and school districts.”

The Morning Call
March 19, 2008 Blog Posting by State House Reporter John L. Micek

“As if the bill itself isn’t goofy enough (it also includes a ban on civil unions), the committee held just one public hearing on it (Monday) before reporting the bill out to the full Senate on Tuesday. We’ll also point out this action came in the age of alleged reform where the public is supposed to get plenty of time to vet and review legislation.”

Philadelphia City Paper
March 13, 2008 Pandering Guide

“The problem: Gay marriage is illegal in Pennsylvania. And the situation might get worse. Two years ago, a bill was proposed in the State House that would amend the state constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage and civil unions. The House is voting on Bill 1250 this month. If it passes, there could be serious side effects in Philadelphia, which has concocted a slew of marketing campaigns to attract LGBTQ folks (and their money).”

Lancaster Intelligencer Journal
February 28, 2008 “Red Herrings, In Our View”

“To listen to some local politicians this year, the two biggest problems facing Pennsylvania are gay marriage and denying gun rights to people who want to pack heat while taking a leisurely walk through
county parks. Welcome to fantasy land. In fact, Pennsylvania faces a mountain of problems, but some legislators and legislative candidates seem more interested in spreading ideology than in solving problems.”

York Dispatch
March 25, 2008 Editorial

“If any timely words of wisdom could be imparted to the state Senate in this time of partisan sniping at the state and national level amid concerns over healthcare reform, highway maintenance and onerous
property taxation, they would be: Stick to important business. But as usual, such caution is wasted in the political wind. So the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, with a pile of important issues on its plate, in a 10-4 vote decided it was time to amend the state Constitution by banning gay and lesbian marriage — and halt those looming threats to civilization, civil unions, in their tracks…A suggestion to those who claim the commonwealth may not survive unless the state Constitution is so amended: not now.” Instead, in the face of election pressures, show some backbone and deal with the ever-growing problem of school property taxes and commensurate education funding. Deal with the rising cost of health care for all Pennsylvanians and put some effort into ensuring this state has a safe and modern transportation system. Marriage, traditionally, has done quite well in protecting itself down the centuries. Any legislative alterations can wait, for a very, very long time.”

Lancaster Intelligencer Journal
March 20, 2008 article by Jeff Hawkes, “The Curious Rush to Ban Gay Marriage”

“Speed should not be of the essence when contemplating a change to the constitution, the bedrock of principles upon which a democracy is built. Yet the Republican-controlled state Senate, known for dragging its feet on festering problems Pennsylvanians want fixed — from burdensome property taxes to the high cost of health insurance for the working poor — has put the pedal to the metal in trying to amend the state constitution to ban gay marriage once and for all…The primary effect of the amendment would be to make gays and lesbians second-class citizens. It’ll be Pennsylvania’s loss when that message of intolerance causes couples to move to states where they’re valued. But beyond the basic unfairness of the proposed amendment is the specter of unintended consequences resulting from the wording of the bill itself.”


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  1. Cody Barnett says:

    HA! I L-L-Love It!

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